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The invention of virtualization revolutionized the way organizations approached IT, and with this, many benefits were added to their infrastructure. The virtualization blog will focus on sharing information about the many areas that virtualization cover, including but not limited to, the different vendors, open source vs paid versions, applications, implications, features, advantages, etc.


There are my organizations that make virtualization platforms, some of them offer it for free, some of them as a paid offering, but they are all passionate about simplifying the datacenter. The virtualization blog will cover the differences, similarities, advantages, and other areas pertaining the use, implementation, and architecting of these solutions. As always, your feedback is welcome, and your participation will be much appreciated.

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization? If you are here it’s because you are interested in learning and understanding more about virtualization. During this post, I will explain the concept and technology behind virtualization from a high level, and I hope you can provide me with...

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