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One of my passions is technology and this topic expands in to many different areas. My other passion is to write and so the combination of this two brought you the technology blog. I will share with you my point of view on different topics in technology, I will also share information about multiple hardware, software, the combination of both etc.


I believe that technology was made to serve us and as such there are many applications and ways you can leverage this creation for your benefit. We can all benefit for utilizing technology in many areas of our lives. This blog will give you insights on how to use technology better, at a personal and at a professional level. I welcome your feedback and suggestions as your input is extremely valuable.

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization? If you are here it’s because you are interested in learning and understanding more about virtualization. During this post, I will explain the concept and technology behind virtualization from a high level, and I hope you can provide me with...

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