I never thought I would see the day when Microsoft would embrace open source as it has in the past few years. It has been an incredible journey going from once CEO Steve Ballmer calling open source a cancer, to the announcement of  “Microsoft officially in love with open source“.

This journey has brought a fresh outlook to Microsoft as a technology company (you see what I did there) but it has also validated the fact that open source is a much better way to go, as organizations embark in their digital transformation. The basic principles of open source and the community that supports the many projects available allow for incredibly fast innovations and a much more secure approach to application development, management tools, platforms as a service, infrastructures as a service, etc.

As I watched some of the general sessions during the Red Hat’s Summit 2019, I was able very happy to see an honest and open conversation between Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. During this conversation, Mr. Satya officially announced the support of Red Hat’s OpenShift in the Azure cloud. This announcement coupled with the most recent news where Windows will now be shipping with a Linux Kernel is creating a more open environment.

This type of openness brings greater levels of collaboration and it allows the use of the best in technology. With this, organizations are able to provide better services to their customers, and developers enjoy the freedom to create better apps, without the boundaries that a siloed infrastructure creates.

I am looking forward to what the future is going to bring, and can’t wait to see what organizations such Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc. are going to add to the already enormous open source community.

It seems the future will look more open, with greater collaboration between technology organizations, hopefully ending the boundaries of silos. This will allow more rapid development and deployment of new and better applications, which in turn will give us better use of technology for the benefit or humanity.

About Christian Trujillo

Christian Trujillo wears multiple hats, he is a Solutions Architect at one of the leaders in HCI, he is also a career coach, public speaker, voice-over actor, and author of many blogs. His passion is in the area of technology but he also loves writing music and spending time with his family.

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